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For Sale by Owner in Texas

REAL Trends, the industry authority on home sales nationally, reports that homes sold using a REALTOR sold for up to 16% more than those without. Surprising?

Homes for sale by owner in Texas will almost certainly not be listed on your local MLS (multiple listing service), and everyone agrees that shoppers do their legwork on the Internet before ever reviewing a home in person. Without exposure on the real estate Websites that receive the lion's share of shopping buyers, houses for sale by owner miss the majority of the consumers who might consider buying it.

Homes for sale by owner are also prime targets of consumers who do not have the wherewithal to qualify for a mortgage. The first thing a REALTOR does is evaluate buyers for credit stability, in order not to send unqualified prospects into their clients' home and waste valuable time. As an owner selling their most valuable possession, isn't that something you're interested in? People who stop and knock on a Texas FSBO door know that the seller is so eager to sell their home. REALTORS professionally evaluate properties, performing Comparative Market Analysis to scientifically and accurately determine a property's true value, thereby helping consumers get the most bang for their marketing buck.

RE/MAX is the only nationwide real estate company spending an unprecedented $50 million annually driving consumers to RE/MAX websites. With about one-half of all real estate advertising on national television, regular monthly ads in the most popular consumer magazines, and coast-to-coast radio advertising, RE/MAX attracts millions of customers reviewing homes on the RE/MAX websites.

Homes and Land for sale by owner in Texas cannot begin to compete for this quantity or quality of buyers. As a matter of fact, the real estate industry knows that the majority of homes for sale by owner will list with a qualified REALTOR soon after beginning the marketing process. Why waste the first few valuable weeks learning what others already know? A RE/MAX of Texas REALTOR is your quickest path to selling your Texas home in the shortest period of time, for the best possible price, with the least amount of stress.


I Still Want To Sell My House On My Own

If you have double the normal selling time, and are in no rush, have plenty of wiggle room in your pricing, and consider yourself a strong negotiator, and are willing to work hard to make this sale, it is possible to DIY.  Here are some things you should start doing now to get ready:


I: Create A Working Plan:

Consider the following, then put action steps for each one of the items that you list.  Don't forget to add target dates for completion:

II: Understand These Things


Selling a home is selling the location in which to live. This location includes both the home itself, and the specific place where the home is located.  Better location equals more interest from potential Buyers - and more money from the sale!


Anytime something is bought and sold, the Buyer has a choice to make. The main choice is whether your house is to be bought or whether another house is bought instead. The competition (other choices) goes a long way in determining the interest that potential Buyers have in your property and the price at which it finally sells.

Worth vs Value

The worth of your home is different than its value.  To you as the home owner, value is determined by what you "believe" the house is worth based on what "you see", how much "you need" to get for it, and how "you feel" about it.  What the house is actually worth is based primarily on, but not limited to, factors such as; location, prices of comparative properties in the same area, condition of the house, age and proximity to critical external necessities ie. grocery stores, parks and recreation etc.  


Making a great impression is paramount when selling your home.  The words of an old song say it so well: "accentuate the positive - eliminate the negative". Your house should appear not only clean... but also spacious and practical.  Clutter and personal items should be kept to a minimun. Add color where needed (in and out); make the living areas inviting and see to it that the walkways flow.


It's best to make your home available for showing whenever people are ready to see it.  Being totally unavailable for showings during the dinner hour, for example, means that your house is actually "off the market" at a time when many people are actively looking at homes.

Your Promotion


Let people know your home is for sale!  This means getting the message out to the greatest possible number of potential buyers. The goal isn't to spend the most money on advertising or to have the largest ad in the newspaper... but simply to reach the greatest number of ready, willing and able potential buyers for your home. The overwhelming majority of serious Buyers are working with Realtors... therefore local real estate agents are BY FAR your best source for true potential Buyers.


Good promotion requires good follow-up.  We need to know what others truly think about the home we're selling. That means honest feedback.  If people see the house as over-crowded, over-priced or under-appointed... we need to know it right away - and adjust.


For more information regarding FSBO options and alternatives, please contact us today! 

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